Startup Exit Academy
Exit Strategy for Startups
Startups need to build a growth plan and exit path early in their life cycle to unlock the value created and to maximize the chances of their founders and investors making financial returns.

EPFL Innovation Park and Go Beyond Investing have partnered to create a 4 half-day, in-depth course on the hands-on tips and tricks to prepare and execute the sale of a startup. This course caters both to early stage investors as well as to founders wanting to build a company towards a successful sale.


Day 1
18 October 2018
André Delafontaine / Frédéric Falise

In day 1, we return to our roots and explore why making an investment in a Startup is only the beginning.

Subject matter covered:

  • Workshop framework and introduction to participants
  • Co-creation of collective experience: the types of investments, exits and returns made so far
  • Decorrelation between exit of the investors, startups and entrepreneurs
  • Review the various types of exit paths
  • The triggers, prerequisites and timings for each exit path
Day 2
25 October 2018
Michel Jaccard / Mehmet Toral / Jean-Pierre Rosat

In day 2, we go one step deeper to understand the reasons, conditions, timing and potential outcomes for each type of exit.

Subject matter covered:

  • Trade sale, the garden variety exit
  • Exit to a Venture Capitalist, a Private Equity or on a Secondary Market
  • IPO: is winning the jackpot really for you?
  • Choosing your partners: the key to a calm(er) exit journey
  • Trade sale: who would want to buy me and what will they gain?
  • Lawyers, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Day 3
1 November 2018
Balz Roth

In day 3, we revisit the most common (successful) exit path: the Trade Sale.

​Subject matter covered:

  • Review of the Share Purchase Agreement, its timing, intention and main clauses
  • Fiscal optimisation for all parties involved
  • Buyers also do Due Diligence! We’ll review the process and its consequences, including personal liabilities for investors & entrepreneurs
  • Negotiations and list of counterparties: shareholders, investment banker, lawyer office and buyer
Day 4
15 November 2018
Fred Jordan / Aydin Kurt-Elli

In day 4, we’re completing our knowledge by reviewing the details of a share buy-back and a PE buyout and the parallels to the other exit paths.

Subject matter covered:

  • Share buy-back by entrepreneurs, the win-win alternative?
  • Sale to a Private Equity: where to find the list of potential investors?
  • Founders and investors, alignment and potential misalignment
  • Does the company need a CFO ad interim?
  • Getting paid in shares vs cash. What and when can I exercise?


Trudi Haemmerli

Board Member Innosuisse

Excellent content and well managed session.

Bettina Ernst

Co-founder & CEO

Thank you very much! It was the best course I ever attended!

Christophe Maria

Senior Executive

Very detailed but very useful to highlight the huge amount of work and the “administrative” side of an exit.

Course leader

André Delafontaine

After founding his first startup at age 19 and selling it 3 years later, André worked 17 years in multinational corporate environments in Switzerland, the US and Asia from technical roles to people, project and product management. In 2010, André co-founded Go Beyond Investing AG, a network of 600 early stage investors having funded over 70 startups. André is founding partner at excelerate partners where he advises corporates and executives on innovation, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and early stage investing.

André is an Associate Professor at Business School Lausanne, a Lecturer at numerous executive training institutions and a Trainer for the Innosuisse training program. André holds a joint eMBA from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL and the University of Lausanne HEC and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Swiss University of Applied Sciences HEIG-VD.

Jacques Hefti

Jacques Hefti has a strong background in founding, developing and coaching startups in ICT, in advanced engineering and in social entrepreneurship. He is currently serving on the board of two service organizations and advises entrepreneurs and board member candidates for startup boards.

Jacques is Co-Director of Startup Campus, one of the leading training and coaching platforms for spin-offs and startups coming from ETH and all major Universities in the German part of Switzerland. He has been teaching strategic management, innovation & entrepreneurship for more than five years and is coordinating the startup activities at the Zurich University of Applied Science in his role as a head of entrepreneurship@zhaw.

Moreover, he has a track record of over 25 years in management positions as a CEO or senior vice president in the interior design, tourism and public transport sectors.


Jean-Pierre Rosat

With extensive experience in creating and developing high tech companies, Dr. Rosat has co-founded eight startups, made three trade-sales to public companies, and is well versed in fund-raising and setting up new projects. He gained experienced with FDA and EMEA regulations while developing oncology drugs, and has combined this experience with engineering ventures that focused on automated drug screening equipment, micro-machining technology, diagnostic or medtech.

Jean-Pierre holds a PhD in immunology from the University of Lausanne, a master in Management of Technology from the EPFL and has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Aydin Kurt-Elli

With a career starting in Medicine and spanning 20 years in business through startup, organic and PE-sponsored growth, Aydin has deep executive and board experience in telecoms, datacentre, cloud and web technologies. His board experience includes private sector, trade bodies and charity sectors.

Michel Jaccard

Michel Jaccard is the founder of id est avocats, and a widely respected tech, media, IP and corporate law expert. He teaches and publishes extensively and is regularly invited to speak and lecture at international forums in his fields of practice. He also maintains a blog on Technologies, Media and Innovation, chairs the Jury of the Prix Strategis for Innovation, and is a member of the national jury for the Swiss ICT Awards.

Balz Roth

Balz has more then 20 years experience as entrepreneur in different industries. He’s passionate about using latest technology to help clients to grow their business.

He has an IT engineering background and a Master of Business Engineering (MBA) from the University of St. Gallen.

Frederic Falise

Frédéric Falise is an active angel investor in the Geneva area. He leverages an engineering and computer science degree with 30+ years’ experience in the high tech industry to search and invest in high-tech startups that produce tangible products. Frédéric has been angel investment deal leader and has invested in several start-ups that have exited successfully.

Frédéric is working as a Program Management Officer in a multinational company based in Switzerland.

The training will take place on
afternoons from 2 to 6 PM:
October 18 and 25 and November 1 and 15, 2018
at Technopark Zürich

The total fee for the 4 afternoon training is CHF 1'250.-

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